The serial number is found on your rabbit's setup page. Keep this number handy as you will need it to update your rabbit's settings or post to the forum. You will need to include the colons when entering this number on the rabbit setup page.

Setup Instructions

For V1 setup (first generation rabbit), please click here

1. Hold the button on the top of your rabbit's head down and plug it in. You should be in all blue mode.
2. Connect to your rabbit's server. It should be named Nabaztag## in your list of wireless access points.
3. Open a browser to
4. You should see a screen that looks like one below. You may have to try it a few times to get it to come up. Make sure you have javascript enabled.

5. Click on the "Click here to Start"
6. If you need to setup your wireless router, type in your SSID, key type, and password to your wireless network.
7. Click "Advanced Configuration" and scroll down. You should see a screen like this:

8. The serial # is right above this. Write it down and include the colons.
9. In the Violet platform section, put the IP of your server.
10. Click "Update and Start".


Please note that WPA2 is not supported by the rabbit. You should choose WPA for V2 rabbits, and WEP for V1 rabbits. Your wireless network must be configured to support these protocols.

One of the most common connection related problems is two green lights:

The lights have the following meanings:
1. Connected to network
2. Established IP
3. Resolved domain
4. Found server (nose light)